​It’s been a long time that I’ve heard and experienced people SEEKING advice.

Advice for every small issue they face, they rely on outsiders. They might don’t even know what the situations are and whom to consult but escape routes are used in the way of friends. Yes for sure friends are heck of motivators and problem solvers but sometimes the guidance needed is not from them but from WITHIN. 

        Our soul is as powerful as our muscles rather I would say muscle power would differ from person to person but soul is only thing which can be on same lines that of others. Difference is our purview regarding our soul i.e. our personality traits. Personality defines a person. As we grow we develop different traits as we expose our vulnerabilities to outside world. In this contrast we forget what we really are what our true potential is.

      At times of emotional crisis we cry we often get depressed in this world and we are lost in our own envy. This is the right time to spend some time meditating not literally meditating but spending some time with own self and seek answers within for your despair. Visit your favorite place, your favorite restaurant or lock yourself in your room and keep on asking is it really worth being so depressed? If the issue is something really silly you would easily get the answer NO. If it is other way round you’d rather ask more questions like, how can I get through this? What suggestions I would give to others if they were in this situation !!

Last mentioned question is worth millions as everyone is good at suggesting others. 

      Ultimately answers for your problems would follow if you divert your attention from negative aspects of it to positives one. Today morning I received below story from one of my friend.

‘Positives in Negatives’ :

A young woman was sitting at her dining table, worried about taxes to be paid, house-work to be done and to top it all, her extended family was coming over for festival lunch the next day. She was not feeling very thankful at that time. 
As she turned her gaze sideways, she noticed her young daughter scribbling furiously into her notebook. 
“My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “Negative Thanks giving” for homework today.” 

said the daughter.
“She asked us to write down things that we are thankful for, things that make us feel not so good in the beginning, but turn out to be good after all.” 
With curiosity, the mother peeked into the book. This is what her daughter wrote: 
“I’m thankful for Final Exams, because that means school is almost over. 
I’m thankful for bad-tasting medicine, because it helps me feel better. 
I’m thankful for waking up to alarm clocks, because it means I’m still alive.” 
It then dawned on the mother, that she had a lot of things to be thankful for! 
She thought again… 
She had to pay taxes but that meant she was fortunate to be employed. 
She had house-work to do but that meant she had a shelter to live in. 
She had to cook for her many family members for lunch but that meant she had a family with whom she could celebrate. 

We generally complain about the negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it. 
What is the positive in your negatives? Look at the better part of life today and make ur everyday a great day. 
Would sum up this blog with saying that problems are mere reflections of our lack of positive communication with our soul.



​Agitation,bewilderment,cluttering,distraction,dumbfounding,puzzlement,turbulence, turmoil, unsettling, upsetting ; all these words represent a simple yet perplexing feeling familiarized by a single word called CONFUSION.
          Confusion is not experienced until and unless you are not thrown in a situation where you

 need to take a firm decision.Yes a “decision” that’s what gives birth to confusion, you can yourself validate the above statement by doing this following exercise.                        “Ask one of your friend to lend you money then notice his face look in his eyes does he says yes or no within a second or he takes couple of mins to answer you ….even a small gap of split seconds in answering you raises so called confusion in his mind.” Not only your friend but even you get confused when someone says “I need to talk to you?” After listening to this statement all things which you have been hiding or doing wrong with that person comes in your mind. Confusion is nothing less than negativity you’ll end up frustrated if you get too confused.

        Confusion is one of the major reason for frustration. Never let confusion take over your thinking power oresle nothing will be sorted and things will get more complicated. Funny side of confusion is that you know you are confused but you don’t dig deep enough to know the root cause of your confusion, once you deal with the cause of confusion there are no repercussions of it. One thing leads to another and then another the cycle continues until and unless the cause is identified and eliminated.

       Finding the cause and eliminating it is a whole different ball game. I’ll write about it once I find the cause of my own confusion which lead me here to write about this thing. Till then try to stay focused avoid confusion take prompt decisions .